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Types of Medals

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Medals are a common form of award awarded for various competitions and events. They can come in the form of diplomas, medals with engraved names, dates, and locations, dates won and records set, etc. They are also used in sports events such as track and field, wrestling, hockey, swimming, golf, gymnastics, track and field, wrestling, basketball and softball. In some cases, medallions can be made to commemorate a person's achievements in various fields such as aviation, sailing, automotive, electronics, aerospace, construction, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and chemistry.

A medal or medallion generally is quite a simple small portable item, usually of silver, carrying an original design, usually on one or both edges. They usually have some sort of commemorative function of some sort, and most are given as prestigious awards. They can be intended simply to be worn on special occasions, hung on walls, or stored in a case, as with many medals awarded during competitions. They can also be given to those serving in the military who have distinguished themselves by winning a medal or other award while serving. Medals are also commonly awarded for academic or college recognition of some sort, as well as in recognition of outstanding performance in any given competition.

Medals and medallions have traditionally been worn by soldiers in all walks of life. As well as being worn for specific competitions, medals are often worn as signs of achievement, acknowledgement, or loyalty. They are often taken to war memorials where they remain as reminders of bravery and sacrifice. In some cases, military decorations awarded to members of the armed forces who have died while serving are presented to family members or loved ones as a remembrance of the sacrifice and service they had given.


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