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  • In addition to competition medals, there are also carnival medals that are given out during festive celebrations and parades. These medals are often colorful and vibrant, and are awarded to participants or attendees as a token of participation and enjoyment.


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  • These medals are a source of great pride and honor for athletes, and serve as a tangible symbol of their hard work and dedication.On the other hand, in academic competitions and events, medals may be awarded to recognize excellence in specific subjects or overall performance.


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  • When it comes to recognizing achievement and excellence, medals play a significant role in various competitions and events. From sports competitions to academic achievements and even carnival celebrations, medals are awarded to symbolize accomplishment and success.


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  • Lapel pins are a small pin, usually made of metal, worn on clothing sometimes worn on the lapel of a jacket, attached to a hat, or displayed on a piece of fabric. Lapel pins often display a logo or can indicate an affiliation with a cause or an organization .


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  • These lapel pins can serve as the best items to allow all members to connect to each other. Their members can share their thoughts and sense of pride between themselves when sharing these pins with the other members.


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