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  • You might wonder when is the right time to wear a lapel pin on coat. You would be surprised that it's never too soon to start thinking about this. The truth is, you don't have to wear one, or not at all, if you don't want to.


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  • A lapel pin is also called an enamel pin and, as its name implies, is a pin typically worn on garments, either on an arm, on a purse, or strapped to a belt. Lapel pins are used to identify an individual wearer or to show support for a particular organization or political cause. The lapel pin is one


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  • A badge is something that is worn or held on the apparel or inside a pocket or elsewhere to identify an individual with a particular group, institution, trade or military unit. In its simplest form, the badge is actually just a piece of paper with a unique design on it.


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  • For those who are not aware of them, keychain rings are ring-shaped items that have a keyring and come with a chain.


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  • A key holder is a small item used to hold keys or other small accessories such as cash or credit cards. It's important that you know what size key holder you need, because that will be the determining factor in which type of key holder will work for your key or access device. Some key holders are ma


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