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Membership Cards & Key Rings

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Whether you're into practicality or style, a metal key ring can be an incredible key to have on hand in any situation. Whether you're on the job, at home or at the club, having something handy to have on your keychain is always a good thing to have handy. But did you know that having a key ring can actually help keep your keys from getting stolen? A metal key ring holds up well against many other forms of theft including being placed under a door knob, in a pocket, purse or even tucked into your gym bag.

Whether you're into matte silicone or high fashion leather, this convenient key ring is made to keep your best essentials in plain sight and out of reach. This unique key ring serves as both a key ring and a holder for your keys and can hold up to 20 keys with plenty of room for additional keys too. If you don't use your key ring all of the time, a key chain or multi-key set is perfect for adding convenience without taking up space. A key ring like this is a must have for anyone who needs a quick, easy way to access their keys all in one spot.

Keyring jewelry is so popular right now and they are starting to become a bit more than just a fashion statement. They are starting to show up in many different situations including corporate, law enforcement and even as key ring accessory accessories. A key ring accessory such as this is great because it's a unique combination of a key ring and a very convenient device to have around. With a device such as this, you always have your keys with you. No matter where you are, you're always ready with your keychain. Not only will it keep your keys safe but it also offers access control protection meaning you can't give out your personal information because it might fall into the wrong hands.

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