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Keyring Types - Metal Keyring

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A keychain (or keychain fob or key ring) is simply a thin ring or small chain of metal for which many keys are attached. A keychain is also a connecting link between an individual's keyring and their belt.


The earliest known use of a keychain is on a silver coin which was passed around from person to person in ancient Egypt. Throughout history, keychains have been used as decorative accessories for more ornate pieces of jewelry, including those with stones, pearls, chains, and even jewels. Many key chains are made from different types of metal alloys, such as gold, titanium, silver, and copper.


Because of the intricate design of many keychain rings and chains, they are difficult to find in original mint condition. An antique finish on a key ring will add a unique look and appeal to it, making it easier to find and enjoy. Whether you are looking for a casual or formal key ring, there is sure to be an antique finish to match your taste.


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