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Fashionable Lapel Pins

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A pin, sometimes called an "enamel pin," is usually a flat pin usually worn on a shirt, often around an emblem, tag, or other identifying item, attached to a purse, worn on a belt, or worn on a belt itself. The pin is pinned into the fabric of the garment and then worn in a forward motion, pinching the outline of the design that is stamped or etched into the fabric. Most pins are designed to be either a quick release or an "end-over-end" fastener. Today, lapel pins are no longer simply symbols of affiliation or pride but have come to symbolize specific fashion statements or accomplishments.

For example, military lapel pins are often sported by members of the military as a measure of camaraderie and unit cohesion. These pins often bear the military unit or branch that the wearer is a part of. Additionally, they may be worn to show support for specific charities, civic organizations, political candidates, religious groups, or to celebrate a special event such as a new job or graduation. In general, any occasion that can be linked back to the wearer is considered a suitable celebration, and has become an integral part of the modern lapel pin.

During the early days of lapel pins, the pin would be a flat, solid piece of metal, such as gold or silver, attached directly to the lapel. Today, most are circular, sometimes adorned with gems or diamonds to further enhance their visibility and value. Many people pin their lapel pins to their coats for a more elegant look, as the pin usually rests right next to the lapel. This simple change has created a whole new look and style for the classic accessory, transforming a plain, dull piece of clothing into a one-of-a-kind work of art.


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