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An emblem is generally an abstract visual or graphical representation that represents an idea, such as an allegory, a moral lesson, or some sort of emblem, such as a star, a lion, an eagle, or a palm tree. It can be used to identify something as well as to demonstrate an association between two or more things. Some examples of well-known trademarks are the golden arches, the flag, the logo of McDonald's, and the seal of the Royal Bank of England. In the early twentieth century, the British government placed a variety of insignia on their currency which included the Union Flag, the Maple Leaf, and the Union Jack.

There are many different kinds of emblems from which to choose. The most common kind of emblem that most people think of today is the company emblem. It consists of a graphical representation, usually a profile of a human being, but can be anything graphical including a flame, a heart, a feather, a geometrical shape, words, and so on. Company emblems provide an easy way to identify a particular business, organization, club, sports team, or political party. It can also be used on letterhead, business cards, and on corporate stationary. Many businesses use a logo to promote themselves, for example McDonald's uses the golden arches to advertise itself.

Another popular type of emblem is the metal badge. Metal badges are often used to identify employees of a business. They are also commonly used by the government and military. The metal badge is usually a thin metal sheet with important information printed on it, such as a corporate logo or the wearer's name, address, and job title.

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