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A History of Wearing Pin Badge

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A pin badge, also referred to as an enamel pin or a lapel pin, is typically a tiny pin worn usually on a shirt, attached to a purse, or discreetly displayed on some garment. Pin badges originated in the early 19th century as a means of identification for military personnel. Since then, pin badges have become popular among various organizations and groups. Some groups, such as the anti-Vietnam War Movement, use pin badges to prove their membership to a group rather than their membership in the military. Other groups, such as the organized street gangs, use pins as a way of identification or as a symbol of an association.

Wearing a pin badge, whether in the form of an enamel pin or a lapel pin, provides many benefits to the wearer. First, it lets others know who you are without having to speak up or draw attention to yourself. Pin badges are small and can easily be hidden when not in use, making them perfect for hiding in a drawer or under a desk drawer, for example. This also provides you with a way of letting people know that you are someone important or a member of an important group without actually revealing your affiliation.

Wearing a pin in the form of a lapel pins or an enamel pin has other benefits, as well. It allows you to show off your favorite hobbies and interests without having to advertise them to others or discuss them with others during regular conversation. It can provide you with a quick and easy way of sharing something with friends and family members, especially if the topic of discussion is something that you would not want to share with random strangers. Wearing a pin badge is also a convenient way of showing others that you are a member of a group or club you may not have considered before. It can give you the boost of confidence that many people need when they first start going out with a particular group or joining a club or organization.

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