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What is a Lapel Pin?

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A lapel pin is also called an enamel pin and, as its name implies, is a pin typically worn on garments, either on an arm, on a purse, or strapped to a belt. Lapel pins are used to identify an individual wearer or to show support for a particular organization or political cause. The lapel pin is one of the world's oldest and most enduring fashion accessories. For nearly a century it has been used to promote causes and organizations, to show membership in various groups and clubs, and to show an emblem or logo of an institution or company. Since its earliest appearance in the late 19th century, the lapel pin has evolved into an indispensable fashion accessory.

The pin on lapel has become almost as familiar to men as the watch. It is worn by men on shirts, on blazers, on t-shirts, and everywhere else. Although the pin has become almost ubiquitous, the origin of the pin is still shrouded in mystery. Scholars of early American history, however, have learned that the pin on lapel came from the custom worn by soldiers on their uniform shirts. These "pins" or buttons, so called because they resemble coins or other monetary pieces, were placed in the left lapel pocket to protect them while on the battlefield.

In addition to wearing their uniform shirts with the lapel pin on the left hand side of the shirt (right when viewed from the front), American soldiers also wore buttons or pins on their enamel pins which were inserted into their pockets. In recent years, buttons have evolved into other shapes and designs, and lapel pins are no longer just coins or other emblems. New designs include colorful animal prints, cross designs, beads, and other shapes. These new types of pins help to make outfits look fashionable while remaining subtle or simple.

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