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The Many Uses of a Key Chain

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A key chain is a small plastic or rubber band of varying width that is used to hold many keys together. The smaller size of a key chain allows for a smaller item to be used much more readily than if it were attached directly to a key ring. One reason that the key chain is so common is the fact that there are hundreds of different designs available from a variety of manufacturers.

There are also several ways in which a key chain can be connected to a key ring. Most modern key chains and most key fobs have a clip attached directly to the ring, so when you put your key ring on, it clips onto the key chain. There are also some fobs that will clip onto a key ring but which will also keep the fob in place when the key chain is worn around the wrist, similar to a cuff. Fobs and chains can also be connected through the use of a magnetic clasp, which allows the two items to be kept close together even when the fob or chain is worn around the neck.

A key chain can come in a variety of different materials. Some of the more common materials include plastic, metal, silver, gold, brass, stainless steel, paranoid, and leather. Some key chains are designed so that they are worn like jewelry - as a bracelet. Others may not look quite so flashy but may have nice silver or gold links, or other decorative features that make them ideal for hanging around the neck.

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