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The Evolution of the Keychain

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A keychain is basically a small plastic ring or link of plastic with multiple keys securely attached to it. The longer the line, the longer the key could be for the given application. The size of the keychain enables a smaller item to be worn more readily than if attached directly to a hearing.

The majority of the Keychain devices that are available today have a flat-bottomed design. This means that when you slide one peering over the other, it will form a circle with the bottom of the link pointing straight down. With the circular design comes the ability to attach a number of keys together. In the past, there were only two types of Keychain designs, one type containing a single loop and the other containing multiple loops. However, in recent years, a new style has been introduced known as the "split ring" keyring; this is a ring of two different rings, each connecting to the next in the set by a pin which creates a loop which can then be slipped over the key to close the Keychain device.

The purpose of Keychain products was originally to secure briefcases and other personal possessions in an accessible location but today, the use of Keychain products has transcended into the realm of the purse, pocket, briefcase, shirt pocket, and backpack. For instance, a lady may put her lipstick in her purse or shirt pocket. If she were to lose this lipstick, she could still continue to wear her favorite shirt but would not be able to get to her purse without removing the rings that hold it in place. Likewise, a man's keychain can secure his personalized key rings in his wallet or in any location where he needs access to his keys. The possibilities are limitless, and thanks to the evolution of the loop design, these Keychain products have become more functional and practical.

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