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Police Pencils - The Old School From Badge To Wallet

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One of the most popular things a police officer wears is a badge. In fact, there are currently an estimated 5.6 million police officers around the country. Each badge has a special code that identifies the wearer. Some of the badges contain words or symbols that may be interpreted as words or phrases by some of the smartest people. If you're interested in becoming an officer, you can learn all about getting your own badge at your local police department. You'll be able to pick out one that suits your personality, and the one that best fits your job duties.

Many police departments also wear custom pins and badges. These are usually the ones that relate to specific assignments or special events. For example, if you work as a security guard, you might get a custom pin badge with "checkpoint" symbols or words. This type of pin badge may be perfect for events like a funeral or other somber occasion, when you need to stay in touch with your fellow officers. When others are going away, these may be the ones who are rushing forward, always looking for danger.

A custom pin badge can come in any number of styles, shapes, and colors. Most police officers today prefer the metal ones, but others enjoy the newer pin back types. All of the pins have three basic parts: the pin, the backing, and the metal clips or buttons. The pins are normally stainless steel, although they can be made of brass or aluminum. The backing can be anything, but police often choose the color blue for their pin backs. The metal clips or buttons are usually either Velcro or plastic.

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