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How to Create Professional looking Pin Badges

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Pin Badge is a custom made pin which is either a one time use pin or a permanent badge made of enamel or ceramic. Enamel Pin Badges usually has two components, enamel and plating. When cut and stamped into shape, the thin metal pieces which become your personalized custom pins are then plated in the chosen metal color. Most enamel badges have a raised or centered embossed design, which fits snugly into the pin hole, while other times they may have a more elaborate style with raised areas and a raised plate. The enamel pin badges are not as expensive as the pin badges made of other materials.

To make your own enamel pins, you can use either a hot glue gun or a pencil. With an enamel pin template, select any number of metal pin templates. Cut the templates out with the narrowest points first, while ensuring that each point is centered. Then with your metal cutting device such as a hacksaw, cut out the design and the base so that they match up. With a soft enamel pin or a hard enamel pin, carefully press the base and the edges together, ensuring that the base does not move while the pin is inserted into the metal. You may need to use a lubrication with a hot glue gun to make sure that the edges of the badge do not get pressed down.

There are a variety of different sizes for enamel pins, including: small, medium, large, extra-large, and miniature. Small badges have a maximum weight limit, while the larger ones are ideal for wear on lapel pins. The medium size is useful for promotional and advertising purposes, while the large size is ideal for imprinting a logo. The small-sized pins are inexpensive and perfect for promotional purposes. For maximum durability, you may want to consider using a metal lapel pin badge.

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