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How to Care For Coin Collections

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Owning a collection of coins is a big responsibility and requires proper care to protect them from damage and increase their value. coin care involves regular cleaning to remove surface abrasions and stains and storing the collection safely in suitable storage cases. Many coin collectors use professional coin care services to ensure the best presentation and value for money of their collections. Below are a few important tips and ideas on how to take care of your coin collection.

Coin Care: If you are not using a trolley coin key holder then be careful not to drop your coins. The key holders are designed to hold coins safely whilst inside a case or in an envelope. It is important not to leave coins in their case or envelopes for extended periods of time. Metal Trolley Coins: Die struck, brass, steel, caddie coin, aluminum, copper, or zinc alloys. Trolley Coin Holder: Made from either brass zinc or copper, please specify the exact coin size for the right model.

Cleaning Your Coins: Clean your coins regularly with a mild solution consisting only of water and soap. Do not use anything acidic or base; ideally a soft cotton cloth would do the job but not a plastic one as acid bases will eat away at the coin bezels. Do not use ammonia-based cleaners as these will etch the coin bezels. A damp cloth dipped into hot water gently cleans the coins. Do not use anything abrasive such as metal polishing pads or scouring powders as this will damage the coin bezels.