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How To Display A Key Ring

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There are many ways you can display a key ring on your belt. Many of these methods include: clips, key rings, metal key rings, and magnets. Each way of displaying your key ring can be used for specific purposes. The type of key ring you choose depends on the purpose for your key ring.

Many of the key rings have a clip built in for use with an ID stick or some other form of small bar coding. This type of key ring usually has a small metal circle with two or four small metal edges around the perimeter. These metals edges are designed to trim the plastic that surrounds the bar code so it can be clearly seen. It's also available with a fabric or with a metal rim tag. If you choose a metal key ring with fabric, be sure to get a high quality fabric to ensure that your key ring will last through many years.

Another popular way to display your key ring is with USB flash drives. The USB flash drive is designed to be a small portable flash drive that can easily and quickly be stored in one of your key ring's slots. If you don't want to carry around a lot of keys, this might be a good choice for you. Many keychain enthusiasts prefer to use USB flash drives as they are small and portable, yet still come with plenty of space to store hundreds of key fobs.

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