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How Medals Can Be Distinctive

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Medals are an important award to keep as a remembrance of one's time in the military. They are often used for promotions or awards and are usually quite impressive, especially if they are handed out at major functions or ceremonies. In fact, medals are probably the most widely awarded of all awards, with the exception of diplomas and badges. They are available in many different sizes and shapes, which make them great as souvenirs for a family reunion or re-enactment of a particular moment in history.

Medals are also made of different materials, including gold, silver, bronze, iron, titanium, and other types of metals. A medal or medallions are usually a tiny portable art object, typically of bronze, metal, carrying an artwork, usually in on the reverse side. They are often given as awards, with a specific commemorative objective of some sort. They can be intended to simply be worn, hung from necklaces or jewelry, or suspended from other pieces of clothing or architecture in some fashion.

It's also possible to make your own medals, though this is much less common. They are often just a gold or silver-plated disc, though a genuine piece of bronze or iron may cost a bit more than this. Most medals are given for distinction, with no specific aim or purpose. However, they are awarded for distinction only, so these military decorations are not to be worn for a utilitarian purpose such as for decoration. They are often awarded for distinguished service or achievements in the armed forces. The majority of medals are not actually awarded for anything apart from displaying an achievement, and the medals most commonly awarded are the ones for distinction alone.


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