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Different kinds of lapel pins

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Hard Enamel Lapel  Pins

● Hard enamel is also known as Cloisonne

● These jewelry-quality pins are durable and highly refined, and still affordably priced!

● Hard enamel pins are treasured with a high perceived value.

Soft Enamel  Lapel Pins

● One of our most popular styles,soft enamel pins look great and are highly economical

● Similar to hard enamel, each color is separated by metal lines

● Soft Enamel colors are recessed,giving your pins a tactile feel

Sandblast Lapel  Pins

● Sandblast pins are die-struck, with raised and recessed areas that define your image

● The recessed areas of your design are sandblasted to create a fine pebble texture to highlight the raised details

● Highly polished and beautifully finished

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