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Custom Lapel Pins

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The majority of custom lapel pins fall within the small to medium-sized categories. However, custom pins can be as big as 3 1 and often are accompanied with a specific accessory choice for a group of pins. Smaller custom lapel pins often contain a printed label with name and phone number of the wearer and a reference number, while larger custom lapel pins are created using a die-cut layout and often incorporate a ribbon or bow.

Smaller Custom Lapel Pins are typically created using an epoxy application and a hot glue gun. A die-cut pattern is pressed into the pin and then the edges are rounded off so that they no longer resemble a pin. Then the pin is attached to the band of fabric using a hot glue gun, and a label is pressed onto the pin for the wearer to wear. After the wearer has finished wearing the pin, a paper clip is used to remove the pin. Larger Custom Lapel Pins is created by placing a fiber-optic cable inside the center of the pin and then wiring the pin to be visible via a small cut in the fabric.

Smaller Custom Lapel Pins can also be creating using a sticky lapel pin pad and glue. The glue is used to stick the pin to the pad. These pins are used in conjunction with other custom designs and will either come with a matching clutch or will have an additional strap that goes around the wrist. Lapel pins are not just for wearing on a lapel, but can also be added to a clutch or purse for added flair.

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