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A Guide to Badge Making

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A badge is typically a tiny device, sometimes containing only the insignia of a sponsoring organization, that is proudly presented or displayed to signify some achievement, a special achievement, an indicator of legitimacy granted by taking an active oath, an indication of professional affiliation or student enrollment, or simply as a way of identification. In some cases badges are worn on the inside of the garments in place of buttons, lanyards, wristbands, belts, or other such attachments. Sometimes badges are worn on the outer surface of items like lapel pins, jewelry, badges, or pocket knives. They may be designed for identification or simply to identify the wearer. In some cases, however, badges have become more than just simple identifiers and often have become a source of pride and identity for members of organizations.

Badge designs and materials have come in various styles and designs. Some have raised edges, while others may be flat or may have a raised center. Some may be single sided while others may have two sides or even an interior. Often badges incorporate some sort of symbolism such as dates, awards, or letters or numbers.Metal badges are usually distinguished by colors such as gold, silver, brass, aluminum, and black.

There are a variety of ways in which badges are made. The most common method is called tabbing which is where all the edges of the badge are "tabbed" together. Tabbed badges are relatively easy to make and can then be used for a variety of reasons including identifying a certain person or event, displaying a particular symbol, or to identify clothing and accessories. Another common method of creating badges is called impressionism. In this process a high-quality vinyl sticker with a tab at one end is used. Imprinting can be a rather expensive method and isn't suited for all situations.

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