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  • One of the most popular things a police officer wears is a badge. In fact, there are currently an estimated 5.6 million police officers around the country. Each badge has a special code that identifies the wearer. Some of the badges contain words or symbols that may be interpreted as words or phrase by some of the smartest people.


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  • There are many things you should know when buying a police badge. A badge should represent not only the department that the police officer serves, but also the individual in charge of that department.


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  • A metal 3D police badge is the next generation of badge design. With a metal badge, your car's registration can be made out of a high quality metal that will withstand years of harsh use.


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  • A pin badge, also referred to as an enamel pin or a lapel pin, is typically a tiny pin worn usually on a shirt, attached to a purse, or discreetly displayed on some garment. Pin badges originated in the early 19th century as a means of identification for military personnel.


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  • A badge is typically a tiny device, sometimes containing only the insignia of a sponsoring organization, that is proudly presented or displayed to signify some achievement, a special achievement, an indicator of legitimacy granted by taking an active oath.


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