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Custom Made Keychain - Types, Styles and Designs

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A keychain is typically a very small, sometimes plastic or metal chain, which attaches a key to a key ring. The term "keychain" came about in the 1980s. In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines a keychain as a "band-aid or other small device with a sharp or hard point used to hold small instruments such as keys, umbrellas, keys, clips, and other personal belongings. Keys, in particular, are often kept inside keychain form because they are small enough to fit into any pocket or purse. Keychain holders are often used to hold small, convenient items such as umbrellas, keys, cell phones, umbrellas, calculators, key chains, umbrellas, calculators, keys and other personal belongings.

The original use of a keychain may have been associated with the concept of hiding things within a key. For example, the military trains their soldiers to place the key in their pocket or on their belt, so that if they need to take something out of their pockets, they can easily do so without anyone knowing about it. This is similar to the "duffel bag" concept. Keychain chains have come a long way since then, with new types and styles being introduced virtually every day.

The Madewell Keychain Bracelet is one example of an original, custom made keychain. Every customer who purchases a Madewell bracelet has the option to add their name or a personal message to the metal keychain. These unique bracelets are also available in a variety of styles, including: monogram, key ring, sterling silver, gold, acrylic, stainless steel, leather, and classic. They are well known for their quality and uniqueness.

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